My first blog !!

Hi there !

I’ve always wanted to do a blog. I love writing and thought I would share my thought and options here. So want will I be writing about? While I would like to do a topic a post anything that has sparked my interest or I have an opinion on that could be anything from a new story to a movie review, from make up to pets and everything in between. So in he post I will tell you a bit about me before I start posting my opinion. So who am I? 

My name is Ellie I’m 20 years old and I live in Cornwall England but I originally come from the West Midlands. I moved down to Cornwall because my fiancé is going to uni in Falmouth so I moved to be with him. We have a 10 month old puppy called Bailey and he is a Doberman. This is him below trying to help me make a bed for someone that was stopping over.I work at superdrug which is a place you can get all your beauty stuff as well as health things. The main part of my job is delivery and stock. I basically make sure that things are on the self and everything is there for the costumes. I love my job.

So what are my favourite things? 

I am a very big nerd! I love Disney. Love is an understatement Disney is my life. I also love Harry Potter, superheroes and Comics in general. I’m a big movie fan and I live on YouTube. So I may talk about all these things in my later posts.

Well that’s it for now just a little bit about me and what’s to come 

See you for my next post 



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