Topic of the week … Tattoos.

Tattoos have become more popular in recent years but a lot of people’s opinions on them haven’t changed even thought tattoos have been around forever (The first known tattoo was discovered on a South American mummy from 6000 B.C). So why do people have a problem with people with tattoos? Well tattoos use to be commonly associated with sailors, prison inmates and members of motorcycle gangs. Some people sees a person with a tattoo and think your a thug or a bad person. 

This view needs to change!

Tattoos help people express themselves or help them remember some one close to them. A great example of tattoos empowering people is when a woman who has had to a Breast removed usually due to breast cancer get a lovely design over that area to make them feel and look feminine and sexy again. 

A lot of people that have tattoos feel there is a stigma towards them when we shouldn’t. I have three tattoos I’m not a thug or a bad person I have a job I pay my bills and in my own opinion a good citizen. It makes me mad when people think just because I have some ink on my sink that I’m a bad person I’m not. My tattoos are not offensive at all. (Photos below)

Most of my family has tattoos. Mom, dad, brother, sister and grandparents. They have all lived there lives well and doing well in there jobs. Having tattoos dose not effect who you are as a person or how well you are at your job my moms a manger with two tattoos they do not change how good you are at your job. 

There is a limit however. If you have a rude imagine or word on view people will think the worst so main point think before you ink. So after this little rant what is the message. Well simple don’t judge people! Just because some has ink dos net make them a bad person.

So embrace who you are and the ink on your skin don’t be scared to show of who you are. If you like the tattoo you be proud to wear it. Never like someone else tell you what you can do with your body.

So if you are thinking of getting a tattoo here are some tips.

1. Think about what you want and make sure you like the design way before you go near a needle.

2. Make sure you research your artist and the shop you will get your tattoos. You want a good artist who is good at there job and the artist and shop is clean you don’t want to get an infection.

3. Think about placement. If you have a bit of a unusual design that might effect they way people and employees think of you think where you should put it.

4. Have fun! 

Thanks for reading let me know you thought in the comments and let me know what topic you would want me to talk about next.

Bye guys! 


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