My Favourite Youtube channels

I love Youtube. I am on it everyday watching all sorts of videos. The channels that I’m subscribed to are all really varied. We have he news channels, the geek channels , the beauty channels and the comedy channels. Because my taste in channels and videos are very varied I thought I would share these channels and some of there videos in hope that maybe you who ever you are might find something you love, find entertaining or interesting. So with that intro out of the way here is a list of channels that I love and watch religiously.

(This are in no order and I am not working with any of the creators)

Alonzo Lerone 


I’m going to start off with a comedy channel. On Alonzo’s channel he dives in to the funny world of online fails but not the fails of people falling over. He finds that fails of twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and even signs. These spelling, grammar and common sense fails are really funny on there own but Alonzo’s community on them is just great. Many times I have had to pause the video and rewind because I have laughed that much that I  have missed what has happened next.

Some videos of his I would recommend are:


This is a compilation of the best and funniest fails of 2016. So if you want a taste of all the things Alonzo dose and the type of things he covers this is a great video to get you started that way you can see what he is all about and if you like his stuff.

Dumbest Fails On The Internet #55 | Bon Appetit Memes Edition

If you do decide that you like Alonzo and his channel I would differently recommend this video. He goes the all the Bon Appetit  and food fails. I didn’t know there were so many wrong ways to spell Bon Appetit. For example Bone apple tea.

Daz Games 


Daz Games is a gaming channel (duh). However Daz is a very funny gamer who dose sketch. You may know him from vine this is were he got his start. He then started a gaming channel and by god I’m glad he did. He plays the latest games as well as the strange on you find on the deepest parts of steam. His play thoughts and commentaries are really funny. He is just a regular gamer he doesn’t fly thought the levels in ease he dies and struggles like the rest of us. He also reacts to other viral videos and give his view and options on them (many of them quite funny to list to)

If you are looking for a game play series of a new and popular game I would recommend his   Resident evil 7 series. This wasn’t a game I was really looking forward to playing as I have not played the other but when Daz upload the first video of the series I thought I would give it a go (as watching Daz play horror games is very entertaining). The game is amazing. It is so realistic, scary and very tripping. I could not wait for the next video to find out what happens. Any horror fan or game fan should differently watch.

If you want a lighter game that you can just have a laugh at watch one of his videos where he plays happy wheels. I don’t think I can explain this game well as it is just bonkers. The game if funny and Daz’s commentary and jokes just make it even better.

One of his best react videos is his Daz watches Jacob Sartorius. This is one of his most popular Daz watches videos and after this everyone wanted more. Just give it a go and see if you agree.

Dan and Phil games 


I was going to put dan’s channel (danisnotonfire) and phil’s channel (amazingphil) on this list but they are quite big youtubers and many people know of them even if they do not watch them. But I had to mention there gaming channel. Dan and Phil are just normal gamers. They don’t really take on big games like resident evil or Battlefield. They tend to do one of videos on silly games that are a bit of fun and normal and Dan vs Phil.

They do have two gaming series. The fist being sims 4 which many people know and love. This is where you follow the life of there sim dil. The second is Undertale which is a strange but very entertaining game that will keep you griped.

Some of there more one of games that are very entertaining is quick draw and kinect sports.



No movie is without sin. This is what cinema sins moto is. They take a film and pick out all the plot holes, wrong information, things that don’t make sense and things that are just wrong with the film. Now I know that it might not sound fun to listen to someone pick apart a film but in fact it is really entertaining. Seeing the mistake that you would never normal see when you watch the film on your own is quite fun. No film is off limits. For the comic book movie fan try out the X Men Apocalypse. For the horror fan try The ring 2 and for the action fan try San Andreas.

Soucrefed and Sourcefed nerd 


Soucrefed is a news channel but not all the big, scary, depressing stories. They also focus on the silly, funny, happy, strange news like pornstars promise to give blowjobs to all there follows. But they also play games with each other like coworkers plat guess that song. The chemistry between the hosts is amazing and the jokes and bits are some of the funniest things.

There sibling channel Sourcefed Nerd is similar to sourcefed but for nerds (duh). There new stories are about the nerd happenings in the world of movies, tv, gaming and pop culture. Like Ben Affleck quits as director to the batman movie. The games they play are bored and card games which are equally funny and entertaining to Sourcefed. Check out the nerd playing  5 second rule.

One of the hosts I want to give a shout out to is Steve Zaragoza. He is one of the funniest people I have ever watched. His jokes are out there and he really doesn’t care about the limits. If you find that you like Steve he has three podcasts you can dive in to. It feels like the first time, Cloverfeels and Dynamic banter.

Philip DeFranco


This is a news show! Phil takes on the latest news in all areas. He dose not hold back his opinions but he is not one of these people that are like “my opinion is right and if you have a different opinion to me your wrong” He wants to have a conversation about whats going on and is very open minded. He will also do his research on a story which a lot of places don’t. So check him out.

And if you like Phil and know of his wife and child you maybe interested in there family channel TheDeFrancoFam. His wife Lindsay is an amazing no BS mom and there little boy Trey is the cutest and funniest 2 year old you may ever see. The channel is run by Lindsay as she shows you the ups and downs of raising a child and being a mom.

Mr Sunday Movies


Mr sunday movies makes videos on the movies and tv world. Making fun lists and going in to detail on movie theories and rumours. But he is mainly know for his 10 things you missed videos. Like his 10 things you missed in the logan trailer where he will go over the trailer and show you little things you have missed, references to movies or the comics and speculate about the movie coming up.

He also has another channel and podcast called The weekly Planet. This is where Mr sunday movies (aka James) and his friend Nick Mason chat about hollywood news and then they will have a topic of the week they will discuss. sometime it is things like Best and worst CGI in films or they will review a movie like the new resident evil movie. They are both they funny guys and will ask any movie fan to give it a go.



This is quite a girly channel so if your not into that I would suggest to move on. (Quick warning I may go all fan girl on this part so please bare with.) Where to start with this girl. Ellie (the best name ever may I say) is one of my idols. She makes amazing videos on all things from get ready with me to hauls, views on drinking to dealing with negativity. She covers so many areas while being positive and happy 98% of the time. She made me see that its okay to be me and gave me the courage to even start writing this blog. So I would love if you check out her channel and if there is one thing you learn from it even if the channel is not for you is to be positive and spread it around.

Well that its for my youtube recommendations.

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See you next time





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