Get ready with me !!!

Hey guys!

I love make up and watching make up videos. That I thought I would share how I get ready with you guys. I will show you what I’m using and will give a description on how I’m doing it. I will also give you the price of all the things I will be using. But before I start I thought I better give you some background for this look as it may not be an everyday look for all of you. I work a superdrug with is a beauty and health store so there are not many rules about how you where your make up so if you work in a place that dose you could maybe do some of this make up look but not go the whole way. I am no way a professional this is just what I do. The look below is what I will be doing. IMG_3732.jpg

Lets get started.

I started off by applying a primer to my whole face. I used loreal’s Infallible mattfying base  which is £7.99. This primer helps to make you foundation more matt and to stop you having a shine. To apply this I just squeeze a bit on my finger and spread across my whole face and neck.


Next step is the foundation. Im using Loreal paris Infallible Total cover foundation in shade 9 light sand. I got this for £7.99 but it is normally £9.99. To but the foundation on I’m using the real techniques tapered foundation brush which I got in the travel essential kit which is £20.99.

To put the foundation on I squeeze some on to my hand (don’t put this much on you hand you don’t need that much with this foundation. A little goes a long way.) I then get my brush and but it in the foundation and then spread it on my face. I start at my nose and work my way out. Don’t forget to but it down your next making sure it is worked in. Below is a before and after shot of the foundation. I think this foundation covers really well and you don’t have to work to much for it.

My next step is to cover my bags under my eyes. For this I use Loreal paris Infallible Total cover concealer palette. Which I got at £8.99 but normally is £12.99.


To make the bags disappear I take the purple colour that you use to correct discolouration and brightness E.G dark circles or veins. I take the purple on my finger a put it under my eyes. I then use the Loreal foundation blender which is £5.99. I use the point tip to blend the purple in using this point makes it easier to get in to the corners of your eyes.

I leave my face for the minute and more on to my eyes. I start of by putting on MUA’s pro-base eye primer all over the lids of my eyes which is £2.50.


Once this is applied I move on to my eyeshadow. For this look I will be using Revolution’s eyeshadow palette Matt 18 edit. Which I got for christmas so I don’t know how much this cost. I am also using real techniques base shadow brush which I also got in the travel essential kit. Im also using superdrug’s own blending brush which is £1.99.

To start of I take the real techniques brush and put it in the colour shown below.

IMG_3718 I then start at the out side of the eye and brush over the the lid but making for that most of the colour stays at the outside of the eye as the inner eye needs to stay lighter then the rest. If you need help keeping the line straight and catching the fallout use a card or tape to make the perfect line. Next Im taken the real techniques brush and putting this is the darker colour shown below.

IMG_3719 I add this only to the outer eye and blend in to the eye so that the colour change is not harsh and blends nicely. To finish of the shadow I use the superdrug brush and putting it in to this simmery colour shown below.

IMG_3720 I then add this to the middle and inner corner of my eye. Only stroke the brush downIMG_3717wards. And this completes the eyeshadow. The next step is the eyeliner. I never go out without eyeliner. For this I am using collection fast stroke eyeliner in black 1 at £2.99. This eyeliner has a thin tip so its great for a thinner line and is easier to control. If you need help with eyeliner pull your eye so it stretched. Apply the liner in the middle first going to the outer eye then fill in the inner corner. You can then let go and fill in the wing. If you need help with this again you can use a card or tape to create a perfect line. You can the liner as thick or thin as you like.

Once the eyeliner is complete and your happy with it you can add your mascara. Im using Loreal paris volume million lashes which is £9.99. I apply this to the top and bottom lashes. And this is the eyes done. I then go back to the face.

I then add my concealer. Im using collection Lasting perfection ultimate wear concealer in fair 1 which is £4.19. I apply this under my eye all along the bottom and make a small triangle. I also but it on my chin and any spots or redness I have.

To blend the concealer in I use real techniques Miracle complexion sponge which is £4.49. I use the flat end to blend everything in.IMG_3694

The next step is adding a setting powder. Im using MUA’s pro base matte satin pressed powder in warm ivory which is £2.50. To apply this I am using real techniques multi-task brush. Just put the brush in the powder and apply all over you face to set your foundation and concealer. (please excuse the brush the puppy got hold of it thats why there are teeth marks).

Next I am highlighting my cheeks using MUA’s undress your skin shimmer highlight in pink shimmer which is £3.00. To apply it Im using real techniques angled highlighter brush. Using the brush apply the highlighter on the check bone adding as much or as little as you like.

The last step is lip stick you can add what ever colour you like but I tend to like darker lips. My favourite 4 colours are these below. The gosh lipsticks are all £7.99 and the sleek lip cream is £4.99.




For this look I chose Gosh lipstick in twilight.







And thats it! This is just a fun look I put together hope you guys enjoy this look. Let me know if you would be interested in more posts like this. Follow me on instagram @ellienickless or twitter @nicklessellie to know when I upload next and I will see you next time. Bye !










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