My March favourites

Hey guys. In this blog I thought I would share with you some of the things I have been loving this month so far. So lets jump straight in to it.

So lets start of with beauty. One of my new favourites this month is Loreal paris Infallible total cover. This foundation is great it covers everything and leaves you skin looking great. If you want to see how I use this you can check out my get ready with me post the link is here:


My next beauty favourite is my real techniques brushes. I uses these brushes everyday for everything. They are the easiest brushes I have used and they feel great. To go along with the brushes I use Real techniques brush cleaning gel to clean them. It cleans the brushes really well with out to much work and leaves them feeling and smelling great. You can buy the brushes own there own or you can buy them some together in kits so I would recommend looking at what you want and seeing if you can get a kit with them in.


Moving on to the eye brows. I have very thick black eyebrows so I don’t need to fill them in but they do get messy. To help shape and control them I use these eyebrow razors. I don’t remember which brand they are but you can find many different ones out there. There have very sharp blades so be careful. If you need guidance draw what you want you  brows to look like first then you can follow the line.


Lip time. We are still in the cold months so my lips get all dry and chapped which is not great when you want to but on lipstick. To get ride of the dead skin to smooth out my lips I use Lush’s super plum fairy lip scrub. You only need to put on a little to scrub away the dead skin which makes a great base for lipstick. Once you put the scrub on you then lick it off and it tastes great. Lush do many different scrubs so you can pick your favourite.


Last up in beauty is Simple kind to skin Micellar cleansing water. This is what I use to take of my make up. I have tried different ones before but they left my skin feeling oily or really dry. This one just leaves you skin feeling great it gets all the make up of even waterproof and leaves you skin feeling soft. There is no artificial perfumes or colour which is great for sensitive skin which I have.


Next on my favourites are odd bits and bobs. First up is my new Harry Potter purse. This purse is so cute. I is made to look like Harrys Hogwarts’ letter he gets in the first film. This is great for any fan Harry potter. I found this on eBay so go have a look.

Next is another little purse. Its this lovely Aladdin purse I got from Primark. It would make a great coin purse or if the want to just carry your cards around. I don’t actually use it for that I use it to put my favourite lipsticks in. This is so I can have it out on my desk knowing the lipsticks aren’t going to rollaway or get lost.


Next’s is what I keep all my make up brushes in. If your a fan of my neighbour Totaro you will love this. It this cute little Totaro organiser. You could use this for anything you like. But I use it for brushes as it fits them perfectly and looks cute on my desk. I found him on eBay.


Another thing I have on my desk to organise my things. Its this cute little unicorn jewellery organiser. I got this for christmas so I don’t know where it comes from but it’s so good to keep all my little bit in without them getting lost.IMG_3747

Moving on to the things I’m listening to and watching. I am really obsessed with Bob’s Burgers at the minute. I have watched it before but this month I have just binged watched it. It is one of those programmes that keeps me entertained no matter how many times I have watched it. If you haven’t seen it check it out.

A new thing I have gotten in to is a podcast called Do Go On. This is an Australian podcast with some very funny people on. Matt, Jess and Dave are the hosts and each week one of them will pick a topic to do a report on. There are some very interesting topics like Jack the ripper,The pink panther robberies,escape from Alcatraz and The dayatlov pass incident. While the reports are very interesting the hosts are very funny too and will make you laugh all the time. I cant stop listening to them and I’m now re-listening to the episodes. Would really recommend this podcast. So go check them out I will leave a link below. 


And my last favourite is my pet rats. A lot of you may be thinking that rats are discussing horrible vermin. But that is not true. Rats are very intelligent loving creatures and they make create pets. I have two boys called Bilbo(brown and white) and Harley(all white). We got them when they were 9 weeks old as a christmas present. They are very sweet and fun to have. I know that rats are not for everyone but don’t think of them as horrible.

So thats it. Thanks for reading guys I hope you liked this post. For updates on my blog posts you can follow me on instgram @ellienickless or twitter @nicklessellie.

Thanks again and I’ll see you next time. Bye !



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