Ace and AJ


Today we added to out rat family by getting two new rats we have called Ace and AJ. Ace has the darker path on his nose and AJ has the lighter path. They are two lovely rats who about 5 months old which is quite old for rats to be sold at. This is because we they first arrived at pets at home they had respiratory system problems. They had to stay in care for a while to get better and after having antibiotics and lots of love they got better and where put out for sale. But because they had these problem people didn’t want them even though they are perfectly healthy now. They are very cute and couldn’t understand why people did not want them. When we told the staff members we would take them they were very happy that they were getting a home.


I wanted to give updates on how they settle in and how we get on introducing them to Bilbo and Harley.

Day one:

When you bring rats home for the first time you need to leave them for 24 hours before handling them so they can settle in and get use to they new home. However when I opened the lid to the travel carrier they will be stopping in for a bit to but there food in Ace climbed on to my lap and was quite happy to be picked up and stroked. AJ is also happy to be stroked. The staff member told us that they have been handled a lot more because of them having to have vet checks. This means that they are totally fine and use to being handled and picked up.

So for tonight they will be kept in the travel carrier with is a large one so they have lots of space. We have put the carrier next to cage so that all the rats can smell each other and get use to the smells. I also put in two of Bilbo and Harley’s toys in to Ace and AJ’s carrier so they can get use to the other’s smells.

So that the quick update of Ace’s and AJ’s first day home. I will do regular updates on how they are getting on and how all four of them get on.


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See you next time!


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