Dark make up look!

Hey guys many of you liked my get ready with me make up post. So I thought I would do another make up looking for you. This look will be a darker look and there will also be a first impression in here. I was just going out shopping so this is a more going out look. So lets just jump into it. The photo below is what the finished look is.


Im starting off by using clean and clear advantage spot control gel. I put this on any spots I have to clear them up and reduces the redness.


Next I put on my primer. For this Im using MUA’s pro base primer with vitamins A and E and tea tree oil. This primer feels light and also adds goodness to your skin. Just put this all over you face and neck to make sure you have a good base for your foundation.


Then I add the eye primer. Im using MUA’s pro base eye primer. This is the same one I used in my last make up post. It creates a crease free base for your eyeshadows.


Then I add the colour corrector. I use the purple colour under my eyes to get rid of the dark circles and I’m adding the green around my nose to get rid of redness. For this I’m using Loreal paris Infallible total cover concealer palette.

To blend in the colour Im using the Loreal paris blender as it has a pointer end to get in to the corner of my eyes and around my nose.

Moving on to the foundation. Im using Loreal paris Infallible total cover foundation in shade 9 light sand. And to apply it Im using real techniques tapered foundation brush. This foundation is a total cover and completely covers anything you want. The photo below shows half of my face with the foundation on and the other with out. You can see how it totally covers everything.

Im now going to add the eyeshadow. This is also a first impression as it is the first time I will have used this eyeshadow pallet. That pallet is Sleek make up i- Divine naturel 601. To start of I’m going to add the colour cuppuccino to the inner eye using my real techniques base shadow brush.

Im then going to add the colour regal to the other corner of my eye making sure that the darker parts are at the other corner and then blending the colour in to the cuppuccino colour.


Next I’m going to add the colour nougat to underneath my eyebrow to make the darker colour pop more.


To finish off the eyeshadow I am going to add the colour taupe with my superdrug eyeshadow brush. Im going to add the colour in the middle of my eyes by stroking the brush down the eye. Because this colour is quite glittery Im going to use the real techniques brush to blend the colour out all over the eye.

This completes the eyeshadow. I love this pallet. The colours are all lovely and they are so easy to blend and apply. They are not chalky and don’t have much fall out. This pallet is £8.09. The photos below show the finish eyeshadow look and I’m quite happy with it.

Next I will be adding the eyeliner. I never do a make up look with out it. Im using collection’s fast stroke eyeliner to make a thiner wing.

To finish off my eyes I add my mascara. In this look I will be using Max factor’s false lash epic mascara in black. Applying it all over my top and bottom lash’s. And that finishes off the eyes.


Going back to my face I next add the concealer. I will be using collection’s lasting perfection concealer in fair. I add this in a triangle shape under my eyes, on my chin and on the nose. If you have any spots or redness add the concealer to them too. To blend it in I’m using real techniques beauty blender.

To keep everything in its place I add MUA’s Pro base matte satin pressed powder in warm ivory. To apply this I’m using real techniques multi task brush to apply the powder all over my face and neck.

To finish off the face Im going to add MUA’s undress your skin shimmer highlighter in pink shimmer. To apply this I’m using real techniques angled highlighter brush and adding this to my cheek bones. Im only applying the highlighter lightly for this look.


I then add the lipstick I’m going to use a darker colour for this look to keep in with the eyes. I used Gosh’s matt lipstick in Raisin.


To make sure the make up stays in place I’m going to use a fixing spray. Im using revolution’s pro fix. Giving a few sprays making sure it covers all of my face.


Now that the make up is done Im going to move on to my hair (because my messy hair with a side bun is not a good look). As my hair is dyed I don’t wash it everyday. The days in-between washes I use Batiste Dry shampoo. At the moment I’m using the dry shampoo in cherry. I apply this all over my hair rubbing it in making sure I get the roots.

I am going to straighten my hair before I do I add got 2b crazy 4 sleek days straightening spray. The spray activates when the heat comes in to contact with it and keeps your hair straight for days (or until you wash it). Spray this all over your hair and brush it in. Once I have straighten my hair it tends to get static so I add Lush’s Sunny day anti static hair spray. Spray this all over your hair and brush it in and it takes away all the static hairs. (A bit of a bonus the spray smells like parma violet sweets).

And that completes the hair and make up. This was a very fun look to do and very fun to use the new pallet. Hope you guys like this look and try it out. Follow me on my social media for updates on the blog or follow the blog to get notified when I upload a new blog.

Thank guys and I will see you next time.


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