Fast and the Furious 8. No spoilers!


Hey guys this is going to be a quick on as I don’t want to spoil anything as the film has only recently come out but I needed to say, Fast 8 is amazing.

I do enjoy all the other fast and furious films even thought the later films can be quick silly at times. Those films are turn your brain of and have fun and don’t worry about to much but this one actually made me want to pay more attention.

The cast is amazing with some great cameos, great plot with all the classic action one liners and one great villain. I normally love the villains but there are two villains I hate so much that I wanted to hurt them myself because they are so evil. The first villain is Mrs Carmody (played by Marica Gay Harden) in The Mist and the second is the villain in the movie played by Charlize Theron.

There are great car scenes with some great slow mo shots that I think actually work.

If your not sure if you should see this movie go see it for the car scenes and I bet that everything else will make you happy you came.

So thats my quick overview and thoughts on the film. When you film has been out a bit longer I think I will do a full review but I just wanted to let people know that they should watch the film.

To know when I upload the full review follow be on my social media (the button are on the side) or subscribe to my blog to get an email whenever I upload.

Thanks guys for checking it out and see you guys soon.


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