London trip! Planning

Hey guys!

Me and my fiancé Josh are going to London in August for a week to celebrate both our 21st (Josh’s is in June and mine is in September so its in the middle). So I thought I would share how we planned the trip and what we are going to be doing.



To start off I though I would tell you why we choose to go to London and that is Harry potter and the cursed child. The day the tickets were release me and Josh we’re on the website and were put in to a online queue that we were in for 9 HOURS!!! We final got though and got tickets in August. We got the tickets for £15 each because we got sits in restricted viewing. But this would be my first tip restricted viewing isn’t always as bad as you think. You may not be able to see a small part of the set our maybe a character maybe out of view for a moment but you never miss much and can always see the rest of the show. The seats are always cheaper so if your on a budget go with restricted seating.


My number one tip is make a time table. What I have done is drawn out a time table with the days we are there going down the side and the time of the day at the top. So when you book something you put it in the right book so you don’t double book and you can remember where you got to be. For example the Harry Potter play is over to nights so I have put Harry Potter play in the evening books of the days and the time.

I will leave a table that I made here so you can use it for your trips.


The next thing to plan is transport. As me and Josh don’t drive so we need some other way to London. We live about 5 hours away from London so we looked at train and coach. The train seems to be really expensive (even thought we both have student rail cards) so we looked at coach’s with were a lot cheaper. I know you can make it even cheaper if you have a coach card. But if we went from where we live the times were very crazy so we looked at going from Birmingham ( Birmingham is close to where we come from.) these times were a lot better and it was a lot faster. So we decided to go from there and go see our families. 2 adult return tickets cost £21 compared to the £240 for the train.  So my biggest tip take the coach.


Now I would like to help with the hotel but my mom and dad actually booked us the hotel as a christmas present. It is a very lovely hotel that is by the side of the thames. There are so many hotels in London so have a look on a compare website to find one that suits you.

Now the attractions and things we will be doing. I have already talked about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child so I won’t go over that again so lets move on to the next attraction that links to the play and that is of course The making of Harry Potter tour. You need to book this before you go and the earliest you can book it the better as they have just opened the forbidden forest which will draw more people to the tour. I have been to the tour before but when it first opened so I haven’t seen the Hogwarts express so I’m very excited. (When I told my mom we were going to the tour she booked a tour for the same day for her and my dad because she was so excited). When we booked up the tickets we also booked a digital guide. This is a device like an iPhone which has Tom Felton (who plays Draco Malfoy) guide you though what your seeing and also giving you behind the scene videos.


If you can’t drive the tour dose offer transport. You can get a London transfer (but that is quick expansive), a private transfer (again expansive) or a shuttle bus which is what we will be using. You do need to pay for the ride but its only £2 for a single or £2.50 for a return. This leaves from Watford junction so if your staying in central London you will need to find a way there. All the information is on the tour website which I will link HERE.

The next attraction we are going to is the Sherk adventure. I’ve not read to much about this as I want it to be a surprise but I have heard it is really good. I am a big Sherk fan and would watch it over and over again so I’m very excited to go here. My one big tip for all these attraction is to book online. You tend to get a good discount is you buy online rather then on the door. The adult tickets online is £19.00 compared to £27.50 at the door. You can always buy package tickets for some attractions. You can get them for the Sherk Adventure, Madame Tussauds, the London eye and the Sealife centre. However we booked everything on there own but this can differently a way to save money. I will link to the Sherk adventure website HERE!


Another attraction we are going to is Ghost tour. This tour is a bus tour like the everyday bus tour of the city but this one happens at night and they take you to ghostly and famously creepy sites like fleet street where Sweeny Todd would do his killings. I got recommend this from my mom who did this tour and really enjoyed it. The adult tickets are £21. I will link to the website HERE!


The last attraction we are going to is Madame Tussauds. We are also going to do the Sherlock Holmes experience (as Josh is a big fan) this cost and extra £5 per person and is a 15 minute walk around experience where you try and find out where Sherlock has gone. The tickets for Madame Tussauds online are £29 compared to £35 on the door. I will link to the website HERE!


One place that we are eating is at Planet Hollywood. They are currently doing a 20% of to celebrating there 20th birthday so keep and eye out for any flyers or coupons. We made a reservation for the time we want as I know it can get quite busy so be sure to make a reservation. I will link to the website HERE!


My last tip is to make a trip folder. This is where you will put all your conformations, your time table, maps and anything else to do with your trip you can jazz it up any way you want I will leave photos below of mine as an example.

And thats it guy. When we go I will be sure to make a blog post of the trip so be sure to subscribe to my blog for that. Follow me on my social media to know when I post another blog and what Im getting up to. I will see you next time.


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