April favourites!

Hey guys!

Many people liked my March favourites post so I thought I would do one for this month so I hope you enjoy.


To start of I’m going to dive in to the beauty side of things and to start it off Im going to talk about my hair care. I die my hair so it can get very dry and just feel horrible. So I decided to try out Aussie’s Miracle Moist shampoo and condition. This shampoo and condition is made to help dry and damaged hair. It has Australian Macadamia nut oil which is meant to infuses moisture into dry hair. I love these products. They smell great and really help to make my hair feel great and nourished. On and plus I would recommend reading to bottles as the print doesn’t should like it comes from a company its like a friend telling you about something.

Another thing I help my dry, damaged hair is Garnier’s Ultimate blends nourishing balm. Because I have died and bleached the ends go my hair before they can get really dried out so to help I put this balm on the bottom half of my hair and leave it for 5 minutes. Then just wash it off it feels great. I only use this once a week or if I feel like my hair really really need it. If you see it get it when you can as it sells out really quickly.

Keeping with my hair I use dry shampoo in-between washes. The brand I use is Batiste and my favourite one of theres is rose gold. It smells so good and dose a great job of making it look like I’m not lazy and wash my hair. (My hair is so long and thick it can be a chore the wash)


Moving away from my hair but staying within the bath/shower theme I found this amazing body wash in Sainsburys. I had never seen this brand before and was intrigued by the packaging. Im glad I pricked it up because not only dose it feel lovely on your skin it smells AMAZING! If you don’t like the smell of coconut this will not be for you but if you are I would recommend it, as the smell stays on your skin so you will smell lovely and coconut all day. Its by a company called Dirty work.


The last thing in my beauty section is the perfume I have been wearing pretty much everyday this month and that is Katy Perry’s Killer Queen. The perfume smells so good it’s not to sweet with I find many women perfumes are. The bottle is also amazing. It is shaped in a diamond stone shape. This is the bigger bottle but you can get much smaller ones.




This is going to be a big section. To start off with Im going to start with a movie I have been loving at the moment and that is Moana. I didn’t get a chance to see this in the cinema when it came out so when I saw it on the Sky store I had to get it. That was two weeks ago and I have watched it about 20 times (I’m not kidding). The film is such an amazing film and it has to be one of my favourites from Disney movies. The story, songs and animation is all great and the rock is a great addition to the movie.

18009377_1517579674932415_993150604_n Keeping with the Rock I have to add Fast and Furious 8 to this list. Josh and I went to see this is the cinema last Thursday and it was brilliant. I did a post on what I though about it which out spoilers here so check that out.


Next is a anime series that I have really go in to call Day Brake illusion. The series takes place in a world plagued by the Daemonia, (creatures that take advantage of the negative emotions of people and transform them into monsters), girls from 22 special bloodlines are chosen to wield the power of the Elemental Tarot and confront them. The story follows Akari Taiyo, a 12-year-girl who becomes the wielder of card “The Sun” and joins the mysterious organization “Sefiro Fiore” to confront the Daemonia along other card wielders. It is a great story and a fun one too. Im watching this on Crunchyroll you can watch for free with adds or go premium for £4.99 a month.

Next Im moving on to books. The two books I have been loving this month is Secrets of Walt Disney World and The hidden magic of Walt Disney World. I have always loved to secrets and facts about the Walt disney world parks so I wanted to do a blog post on them. So I got these books to help me make them. Very interesting books and a lot of fun to learn the hidden secrets and meanings. I got both these books on Amazon.


The last thing is a bit of a sad one. For those who don’t follow me on social media won’t know that my one year old puppy died of cancer a month ago. (I do want to make a blog post on this at some point). A very lovely surprise in this sadness was that my nan and granddad had brought him a casket and arranged for him to be cremated (if you don’t know this can be quite expansive.) So we picked up his casket and it is lovely. It is nice to know that he is back with us. He is currently sat on top of my desk with his teddy next to him.


Sorry to end it on a bit of a sad note but I really wanted to include it because it is really lovely.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. You can follow me on my social media (buttons are on the side). You can also subscribe to the blog to get notified when I post next. Hope to see you texted time. Bye!


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