Dirty Works – First impression and review

Hey guys!

I’m very excited about todays post as Im doing my very first First impression and review. Today I’m going to reviewing some products from a brand named Dirty Works. There a British company that make beauty products. I will leave a link to there website so you can find out a bit more about them. Website here. So lets jump into it!

(Quick note all these products are animal friendly)

This is the box that the products came in. I love the little sticker that they use to keep the box sealed. When I opened it up the products were packed in this tissue paper which I love the colour of.


This is how the products were packed. I love that they didn’t use a huge box were everything would move around but they did squish them in either. I hate it when companies do that I have had eyeshadows smashed because they didn’t package it well. So I’m very happy in the way they came. Also if you spent over £15 you got free shipping which I love.

The frist thing I picked out was the stop puffy eyes eye cream which cost £5.00.


I chose this as I’m prone to puffy eyes. The product claims to lift and firm eye area, revive tired eyes and refresh them. It stimulates caffeine to improve circulation and also reflects light to help brighten dark circles.

I love the designs of this box. I love the little did you know? on the side of the box because its a different and fun way to tell people some of the benefits of the product.

This is the little tube with the cream in and again designed so well. I like to have things with nice packaging it just means I will be able to find it easier in my big make up case. You use a small amount of the cream around the eye every morning and evening. As this is a product that needs a little time to see results I will let you know how well it works and maybe it will end up in a favourites post. First impression however is there is no smell to it which I wasn’t expecting anyway and applies very nicely and easily over the eye.

The next product I picked out was bye bye dark circles which cost £5.00.

This is a lightweight concealer that has vitamin E and aloe vera in it to help moisturise your eyes as well as hiding dark circles. I always like to try new concealers as I haven’t really found one I’m in love with yet.

This is the little container that the concealer comes in. I haven’t seen concealers every come in a package like this and was very intrigued by it. If your worried that the colours are not right for you can mix the two colours to find you perfect shade.

These are what the colours look like on there own. They do seem to have a bit of shimmer in them which I was a bit worried about but once I rubbed the two colours together on my hand they blended in great and I cant see any shimmer. I think I will be mixing the colours together but be using more of the pale one. I will defiantly using this in a future make up post.

Moving on to the bath. This is the big chalet bath soak which cost £3.50.

IMG_3998 This court my eye because of the muscle soak. Because of my job I’m on my feet and lifting things most of the day so sometimes my muscles feel a bit stiff so was interested to see if this would help. It has oils blended from Mandarin and rock rose and has Chamomile and lavender extracts in to try and help induce sleep and relax muscles.

As soon as you open the lid you can smell lavender but its not overwhelming. I poured this under running water and the bubbles instantly started. It created a lovely smell as well that even my fiancé commented on. These are some photos of the bubbles building up by the end there was big lovely bubbles even thought I only used a bit of the bath soak.

Im so happy with this produced so far. It creates lots of bubbles and has a lovely smell which is what I want from a bubble bath.

The next thing I used in the bath was the coconut body wash which was £2.50.

I did include this in my April favourite post which you can read right here. Im still loving this body wash. It lives your skin feeling really soft and keeps you smelling like coconut which I love because most body washs smells just wash off.

It foams up really easily as you can see from the photos and you don’t need to much to get it foamy. I would highly recommend this and for the price it really is worth it.

The last thing I used in the bath (even though you don’t really have to use it in the bath) is the pore-fect face scrub which cost £5.00.

I got this product as it claims to buff away dead, flaky skin, help unblock pores and purify the skin. When you open it up you can smell a slight menthol smell. The menthol is in there to revive and purify the skin. Its not an overwhelming smell its very subtle.


You take a small amount ( as photoed above) and massage in to damp skin focussing on problem areas. I massaged it in to my chain, nose and forehead and was very surprised by the feeling. The only way I can explain it is when you have some chewing gum and breath in cold air but on your face but it is actually a pleasant feeling. Once washing it off I could intently feel my skin was softer and felt instantly better. An hour on and I’m still feeling my face as it feels so good. I would really recommend to everybody.

The last produced is something to use after your bath our shower. Its the coconut body lotion which cost £4.00.


I got this to go with the coconut body wash so I can even more great. This lotion contains coconut and Shea butter saying that it will leave your skin soft, smooth and silky.


I started of my applying this to my arm and by the time I went to do my other arm it had already absorbed which is amazing. I hate applying lotion then waiting a good 5 minute for it to absorb. I also applied this to my hips, legs and boobs as I’m a bigger girl and these are the main areas that need help. And let me tell you my skin feels great. Really soft and smooth and the smell is amazing. Im still sniffing my arms.

So thats my first impression on these Dirty Works products. So far I would defiantly recommend then body lotion and pore-fect face scrub as I can feel there effects intently and my body and face feel great. All the products I think are a great price and a really good quality. So overall I defiantly recommend.


Well thats it for this post guys. Be sure to follow me on my social media for updates (buttons on the side). You can also follow the blog to know when I post next. And be sure to check out Dirty Works (website is linked at the beginning)

Thanks for reading. Bye!


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