My new tattoo and tattoo tips!

Hey guys today I got new tattoo. I got this tattoo for my puppy Bailey who recently passed away. 

This is Bailey’s paw. We put ink on his paw and printed it 2 days before he died. I love the way it has turned out! It looks just like the print we took. It means so much to me that he has left his paw is on me now. 

Getting the tattoo has inspired me to share some of my tips and expressive for people looking to get a tattoo. So I hope this is helpful.

Think hard about what you want.

This may seem silly to say but a lot of people don’t do this and end up regretting what they have and have to go though more pain getting it covered up or removed. My best tip for this is make sure it is something special to you. It doesn’t have to be something really sentimental like the paw I have four tattoos that mean something to be. I have a Disney and Harry potter tattoo as they both mean a lot to me and song lyrics. Just think before you ink.


Think about where you will get it.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Not only where it will look the best but think about the pain. Tattoos are painful to get but depending on when you get them they can be a lot worse. If your not good with pain don’t get one on bone (e.g ribs, hips, foot) this will be so much more painful then the rest of your body. My third tattoo was on my hip and that was really painful it nearly brought me to tears.


The easiest ones I have had are the ones on my wrists. I don’t know why but I find them the nicest to have done. Another thing you have to think of for placement is your job. Depending on your job you may have to hide your tattoos so maybe get it somewhere your cloths will hide.


Find a good tattooist. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!

Do research on different tattooists. Find reviews, look at photos of there pervious works and if you can ask someone who have had one done there. Also keep your design in minded. For example if you want a realistic tattoo find an artist who specialise in that the last thing you want is a tattoo of a loved one looking like it should be in a horror movie. Make sure you find someone right for you.

Eat and drink on the day off.

On the day you are getting tattooed make sure you eat and drink but do not drink alcohol or energy drinks. When getting a tattoo your body will pump adrenaline drinking energy drinks will make your heart beat faster and you don’t need that with adrenaline.

Don’t worry if you bleed.

You are putting a needle in the skin. The body will try and fight off anything that is not meant to be there so the blood will try a push it out and clean its self. Think of it like a cut. Don’t worry if it happens it is normal.


It can be scary getting a tattoo but you need to breath. Moving around and panicking will make it so much harder for the tattooist to do there job. This may result in the tattoo not being the best, it taking more time and costing more money. It is in your best interest to stay calm.

These are my top tips for the run up to your tattoo. If you like this let me know and I can do an after care tips post.

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See you next time 


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