Ariel inspired make up!

Hey guys! So today I decided to do something fun. I have done an make up look inspired my one of my favourite Disney princess’s Ariel.


Before we get started I’m doing this for fun. Im not a professional I didn’t plan this out I just experimenting with it some things may not work but I’m just trying it out for fun.

So to start off I put on my Garnier’s pure active blemishes & shine daily mattifying moisturiser. I use this to help control the amount of spots I get and to help not make my face shinny. I got this for £6.99 at Superdrug.


These next couple of steps is doing the base of the face. I have gone thought this in my other make up post so Im not going in to to much detail but if you want to see in detail what I do check out this post here. Some of the products may be different so I will list what I’m using now.

To start of I will be putting on my primer all over my face. Im using MUA’s pro base moisturising primer. It got this for £4 from Superdrug.


Then I used MUA’s pro base eye primer to cover my eyes. I got this for £2.50 from Superdrug.


Then took my real techniques expect face brush and using’s Rimmel’s lasting finish foundation in 100 ivory to cover my face and neck to give me a full cover look. I got the foundation from superdrug for £7.99 and the brush from amazon for £7.95.


Next comes the fun bit. Im going to be doing my eyes to really reflect the colours Ariel wears. To start of I’m going to use MUA’s silent disco eyeshadow palette ( which i got from Superdrug for £4).There are three green colours in this palette but I decided to use the darker green which is called Wild.


I took my real techniques base shadow brush (which Josh got me as part of Real techniques deluxe set collectors edition from amazon for £18.95) and put the Wild colour all over my eyelid. I wanted to add this green to go with Ariels tail. When I first put the colour on it was a little lighter then I wanted it to be so I just went make and put another coat on and it was the shade that I wanted.

Next I wanted to add some purple in for the colour of Ariel’s clam bra. So I took Revolution’s Salvation palette (which I got from Superdrug for £4) and I took the darker purple colour called Me Three.


I then took Ecotools angled eyeliner brush. ( They don’t sell the set I got but you can get the same brush in a different set for £14.99 from superdrug) Once I got the colour on the brush I did a line of purple under the eye with a little flick at the conner.

I only did a thin purple line but you can do it as thick as you like. Have fun with it!

I wanted to add something to the eyes to try and reflect Ariels scales. So I took Collection’s Glam Caystals in the colour Spandex (which I got from superdrug for £2.99) This is a gel glitter eyeliner which I though this would reflect the scales great. I just added a small line of the glitter to my top lid.

Next Im moving on to my eyebrows. I wanted to do something I had never done before and colour my eyebrow. I decided to colour them red to match Ariel’s hair. So I took the same MUA palette as before and the ecotool brush I used for the purple and I brushed it in the red colour called Freak out. I then started to fill in my eyebrows with this colour. I had to fill them in a couple times as my eyebrows are very dark.

(I don’t know if the colour works as I do have very dark eyebrows so if I was doing this again I would try and lighten them a bit first before adding the colour.)

To finish of the eyes I added Clinique’s high impact mascara ( I got this one free with a magazine but I’m sure you can find it easy online.)


The next thing I did was add some highlight to add to the mermaid feel. I used Revolution ultra chroming due stick (which I got from superdrug for £5) I used the lighter colour to add a bit of shimmer to my cheek bones. Once I added the colour I rubbed it to great a shimmer. 18425606_1541792239177825_97505431_n

The last step is to add some colour to the lips. I wanted to add a bright red for Ariels hair. I used MUA’s luxe in flare (I don’t think they sell this anymore) This added the bright red to the lips. (this comes off very easy so if you want something to last go with something else.)


And there we go a make up look inspired my Ariel.


If you liked this let me know as I would like to do more make ups inspired by characters. You can follow me on my social media (buttons on the side). You can also follow the blog to know when I post next. Hope you guys enjoyed this and I will see you next time.



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