Princess Kida/ Festival make up look

Hey everyone!

I really enjoyed doing my last inspired make up look so I decided to do another one but with a spin on it. So todays inspiration comes from Princess Kida from Disney’s Atlantis the lost empire. She is a very strong princess and I think she would be fun to do.Kida.jpgBut I also wanted to do a fun spin on it so I decided to a festival themed spin just so I could play with glitter.

(Just a side note Im not professional I’m just doing it for fun so it could maybe inspire someone.)

So to start of if you want to have a full cover look check out my this post here to see how I do my full face cover.

I have taken the colour inspiration from here outfit and hair. I will also be doing something fun with her tribal face make up. So to do my eyes Im starting off with this really bright blue called Wkd in the Revolution salvation palette. I took my Real Techniques base shadow brush and covering it all over my eyelid.


I love the way the blue looks it gives of a tribal feel to it which is great for the character that has inspired this look. Next I took this sliver colour called Gleam from the same palette.



I took my ecotools angled eyeliner brush and started on the bottom on my eye below the lash line. I then I did the top line keeping it as close to the lash line and connected them in the conner.


Next comes the fun glitter part. Kida has this great make up under her eye so I thought I would add this to the look. But this is where the festival part comes in.   203010_1236982021042_full

I am using this face glue and blue glitter to make this happen. I got the face glue and glitter in a pack from Primark which also comes which pink and white glitter too and it only cost £3.

To make the pattens I took the face glue applicator and tried to great the same of her make up. Once I did one shape i added the glitter with my finger added more where I needed it. This is all really good products it all sticks which is what you want when your out partying or at a festival.

so this is my finished look. I know its a very out there look but its not for just going to the shops. I think it makes a really interesting festive look and inspired by a great princess.

I know this is a short one but I wanted to show this quick look off.

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See you next time.


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