The Addams Family musical review!


Hey guys!

So last Saturday was Josh’s 21st birthday and as a present I got us tickets to see the Addams Family musical. I decided to get us tickets as I had seen an interview with Samantha Womack (who you may recognise as Ronnie Mithell from Eastenders) on This Morning (Samantha is playing Morticia in the musical) and thought it sounded fun. So i watched the trailer and saw Carrie Hope Fletcher was playing Wednesday Addams. You may recognise Carrie from her youtube channel Its way past my bed time and has been in Les Mis and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

So I was in but didn’t know what to expect. I like the Addams Family films but didn’t know how this would work as a musical. I was so so so impressed.

Im in love with this musical and its cast. The story is really compelling and I don’t want to spoil it here but just know it keeps all the fun and horror that the family is known for. The songs are so fun and will be stuck in you head days after the show ends.

The cast is absolute bloody amazing. The main characters are cast brilliantly and the chours is great too.



It very hard to tell you how good this show is without spoiling the show. So to give you an insight to how good it is we have booked up to see it again in September for my birthday. I have never been to re-watch a play or musical before so this is a really good sign on how much I love this musical.

So if you can please go see this show I will leave a link to the show website so you can see if they are near you soon. The Addames Family Musical.

So that my quick review! Hope you guys like it. If your going to see it or have seen it let me know and tell me what you thought.

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See you next time.



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