Book club- On the other side by Carrie Hope Fletcher

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I love reading and thought I would start a book club on here. Every month I will read a book that I will review and talk about here. So the first book I will be talking it about is On the other side by Carrie Hope Fletcher.

The blurb:

” Evie Snow is eighty – two when she quietly passes away in her sleep. It’s the way most people wish to leave the world, but when Evie reaches the door of her own private heaven, she finds that she’s become her twenty- seven- year-old self and the door won’t open.

Evie’s soul must be light enough to pass through so she needs to get rid of whatever is making it heavy. For Evie, this means unburdening herself of the three secrets which have weighed her down for over fifty years before it’s too late. As Evie begins the journey of a lifetime, she learns more about life and love than she ever though possible, and somehow, some way, she may also find her way back to the only man she ever truly loved…”

I don’t think I have ever fallen in love with a book as quickly as much as I have with this book. The story is incredibly told and is a very sweet and ,sometimes heartbreaking, look at love, life and family. The story is based in reality but has some magic sprinkled though and I love that so much. The love story between the main character Evie and Vincent is incredibly sweet and heartwarming and I was so invested in there love.

I read this book in three days because I just couldn’t put it down. I needed to know if Evie got to her afterlife and if there was a happy ending or if I was going to be left sad with life. I did cry a little at this book and the only other book that has managed to make me cry was The Fault in our Stars by John Green.

This book as pushed its way to my second favourite book ever (the first is the whole Harry Potter serious because nothing can top them in my book.) I was so obsessed with this book that when I finished it I ordered the small novella Carrie wrote based on On the Other Side and tells a part of Vincent’s story.


Carrie is an amazing author and I can wait to read her new book :All that she can see” that will be released on the 13th July which you can pre order on Amazon and Waterstones.

Pre order from Amazon here

Pre order from Waterstones here

If you recognise Carrie’s name that is because she is a Youtuber and musical theatre star. She is currently staring in the Addams Family musical as Wednesday Addams and is amazing. ( I did a review on the musical which you can find here.) I will leave some links to Carries channel and the videos in which she talks about this book because who better to get information from then the author.

Carries channel 

Q&A for on the other side (with spoilers)

So over all I would give this book a 5 out of 5 and would recommend to anyone that likes to read.

The book I’m reading for next month is A Love like Blood by Marcus Sedgwick and will leave links below for that.

A love like blood on amazon

A love like Blood Waterstones


Thanks for reading guys!

If you have read this book let me know what you thought or let me know what I should read for future book club posts.

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Friday the 13th game review.

Hey guys!

So its been a while since the Friday the 13th game was released and I thought I would do a review on the game.


First of I’m completely obsessed with this game. I didn’t think I would get this addicted to it but I have been completely sucked in to this game. I love the fact you can play as a counsellor or as Jason. But this dose not mean that I don’t see some problems with the game so lets jump in to it.

Lets start at the beginning. When you start the game you are treated to a very retro intro of the companies that made the game. This really fits in with the time that the first film came out. Then you get to the home stream and are met by Jason. From their are a couple different options you can go with. You have quick match, private match, customise, progress, how to play and settings.



In customise you can put attributes on your counsellor and Jason. You can also choose what murder moves you want Jason to do. Here you can also get special perks for you counsellor to try and help you out when your playing. You can also change you counsellor outfits. A lot of the characters you have to unlock when you have reached different levels.



This is where you will find the badges you have get from playing the game and doing different tasks in the game.


Quick Match

When you start a quick match you have to wait for the system to sort you in to a lobby. The lobby is where other players from around the world will be sorted in to too. 8 players will be sorted in there for a full game. There is a down side with this. You may be waiting a while for a game to start or to be sorted in to a lobby. That is one of the down sides to this game is the time you spend waiting around. When you are in the lobby you can decide which counsellor you want to be and which Jason you want to be. Once the game has begun you can spawn as a counsellor or Jason and you never know which one you will be.

Playing as a counsellor.

When you are a counsellor you can go in to cabins and find weapons, maps, first aid spray, walkie talkies and repair parts. To stay alive there are some ways you can escape. You can fix a car (which you fix by adding the repair parts you find in the cabins, normally its a battery and gas.) Each counsellor have different repair skills. If you have good skills you can fix it faster which is what you want. There is a four seater or two seater car so if you are working in a team the four seater car is the best to work on. You can fix a boat which is the same as the cars but you need a propeller instead of a battery. You can also call the police but to do this you need to find the fuse in one of the cabins and repair the fuse box then phone the police. You then have to wait 5 minutes for the police to come and run to them. Or you can just stay alive for the 20 minute game. However its not that easy because once you start driving the cars or boat Jason will be notified and see which way your going. He will also be able to see where the police turn up.

Playing as Jason

Playing as Jason is so much fun. You get different senses to be able to track down the counsellors. The first one you get is a map. You can choose where to transport to so if the car starts you can see it on your map and travel there to stop them. The next one is sense which will show you close concealers in red if they are making noise. The next is shift Jason disappears from sight and his movement speed increases dramatically for the duration of the ability. It doesn’t last long, but if you’re chasing a counsellor you should be able to catch them. And the last one is stalk this ability means that counselors will not hear the theme music that would normally alert them that Jason is close. This allows Jason to sneak up on unsuspecting counsellors. Once you catch a counsellor you can choose how to kill them.


One of the problems is that there can be a few bugs in this game. Once your dead your body can fly around. I have seen games where counsellors end up on the roof or in the walls of the cabins and cant get out but this also means that Jason can not get them either so this can ruin the game a little bit.

However this is a extremely fun and addicting game that I just cant get enough of. So if you want to check it out you can find it on PS4, Xbox one and on PC.

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Date With Disney

Hey guys!

I really love Disney! So when I can I like to talk, watch and write about all aspects of Disney. I have been writing a timeline on Disney from where he started and planning on ending on present day. I also love talking about Walt Disney World in Orlando. I have been there 13 times and have just booked up to go next March. So adding my love of Disney and planning I have lurched a new blog.


This blog is going to be all thing Walt Disney World. I’m going to share my tips and trick on planning and what I have learnt over the years. This first post I have in this section is When to go? It can be hard to decide when to go so I have but some tips in there on how to decide when to go.

Im also going to talk about things in the parks. My first post in this section is Most underrated Attractions in Walt Disney World. Giving you the details on those attraction that people normally miss or don’t bother with but should.

So if your planning a trip to Walt Disney World or are just interested in the Parks please go check out Date with Disney. Hope to see you there soon.

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See you guys soon!

Kira Kira box review!

Hey guys I recently got a subscription box from Japan called Kira Kira. This is a beauty box with all the products coming from Japan. I have always wanted to get a beauty box from Japan so I though it would be fun to review it. So here we go.


So this is the box that everything comes in. I though it was such a cute little box and I love the colours. The box was packed really well and nothing was damaged which is great.


The box comes with the little box that tells you what the products are and how to use them. I really love the design on this is so lovely.


So the first product is this really cute bath bomb.

The bath bomb is this bright yellow colour and smells slightly of honey. Inside is a little bear figure. I have always wanted a bath bomb with something inside and I think this is really cute.  The bath bomb had a really good fizz on it which is what you want. One thing I didn’t like was that it turned the water a kind of pee colour. However the little bear that popped out is really cute and has a little hole that you could hook him on and hang him somewhere. Overall I really liked this product but would have liked it do be a different colour.

Next product was this Soy milk and yogurt face mask.

This is one of those full face masks which I do really like putting on. I had never heard of a soy milk and yogurt one before so I was very interested in how it would feel. This mask had a lot of moisture in it. After leaving it on for 15 minutes my face felt really soft and clean. There is a lot of extra moisture left after you take the mask of so I just rubbed it in to my skin. I really love this mask and it smelled great too.


Next is this body soap. This smells AMAZING! It smells like flowers and leaves you skin smelling fresh for a while. I love this so much that I’m using it as my special body wash (sounds strange I know but its too nice to use everyday.)

Next is this sponge. This sponge is made which Konjac which is a plant product so its all natural. This sponge is so soft that anyone could us it even babies. As someone with sensitive skin I have to try and find as many products as I can that are natural and kind to by skin and this is one of them. I tend to use this when I want to wash of any of my face products like my exfoliator. It also has a little string on it so you can hang it up.

Next product is this BB cream. I haven’t used BB creams before so I don’t have much have anything to compare it to but I do like this product. I tend to use a full cover foundation so I won’t be using this as my foundation but I like to use it as faec lotion. It is also a cute little size so would easily fit in any bag.

The last product is this very different face mask. You are meant to add the two different packets in to a bowl of water and when it starts to bubble you stick your head in for 3-5 minutes. I haven’t tried this yet because I don’t have a bowl big enough to put my head in to. This is a very different type of face mask and I will be trying it as soon as I get a bowl that can fit my head.

I love this subscription box and I think the products are really fun. Its really fun to use products from a different county and try something new.

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May favourites!

Hey guys!

So in this post I’m going to go though I what I have been loving this month so lets jump right in to it.

The first thing I have been loving is this Rugrats bag. I got this bag from Primark for £6 wanting a place to but all the make up that I use for my inspired make up looks. It holds everything and still has looks of room. This bag is going to be great for when I travel home or go on holiday as it will hold my toiletries. Im so in love with this as its a flash from my childhood and I think its a great price.


Next is MUA’s Mega volume mascara. I like to try different make up products but Im very picky when it comes to mascara. I cant stand mascara that makes your eyelashes stick together. You just end up looking like Ezma from The emperor’s new groove. I need a mascara that makes the lash’s look long and full. This mascara dose just that I love it and its not going to brake the bank either at £3. However I did find this mascara cleaning out my make up draw so its not brand new but you might be able to find it on amazon or eBay.


Next is got2b oil-licious styling oil. You can use this on wet or dry hair to make your hair feel glossy and soft. I use this on wet hair just after I have washed it. I add a few pumps to my hand, rub them together and stroke them though my hair. Because I have long thick hair I do have to do this two or three times to make sure I have covered all my hair. My hair feels incredible after using this. It so soft and lasts so long but if I need it I just top it up in the morning. I got this for £4.05.


Up next is Dirty Works Pore-fect face scrub. I did review this in my Dirty Works review which you can check out here. I love this so much. My skin feels great and so clean after I use it. I feel so fresh it feels like my shin can breath. This cost me £5.


Keeping with Dirty Works my next favourite is the Coconut body lotion which I also review here. This leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling amazing. This dose exactly what you want a body lotion to do. This cost me £4.


Next is Miss Spa clear blemish patches. I have been having I really bad time with spots recently and I have been trying everything to help them and I saw these at work and decided to give it a go. They are little circle patches in three different sizes depending on how big the spot is. You pop them on and then go to sleep and in the morning you spot has either gone or gone down in size. They work so well and they only cost £2.99.


The last thing is this lovely bag. I actually got this free as a promotion at superdrug. If you brought two Garnier face products you got this bag for free and I love it. It a great size that can fit a lot of stuff in and has a lovely message on it. I have been using this everyday for work and it looks so cute.


So thats it guys for this months favourite. My next post should be all about my new puppies first day and night at home and some tips for new puppy owners. You can follow me on all my social media (buttons on the side). You can also follow the blog and get emailed when I upload next. Hope to see you guys for the next one.

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Princess Kida/ Festival make up look

Hey everyone!

I really enjoyed doing my last inspired make up look so I decided to do another one but with a spin on it. So todays inspiration comes from Princess Kida from Disney’s Atlantis the lost empire. She is a very strong princess and I think she would be fun to do.Kida.jpgBut I also wanted to do a fun spin on it so I decided to a festival themed spin just so I could play with glitter.

(Just a side note Im not professional I’m just doing it for fun so it could maybe inspire someone.)

So to start of if you want to have a full cover look check out my this post here to see how I do my full face cover.

I have taken the colour inspiration from here outfit and hair. I will also be doing something fun with her tribal face make up. So to do my eyes Im starting off with this really bright blue called Wkd in the Revolution salvation palette. I took my Real Techniques base shadow brush and covering it all over my eyelid.


I love the way the blue looks it gives of a tribal feel to it which is great for the character that has inspired this look. Next I took this sliver colour called Gleam from the same palette.



I took my ecotools angled eyeliner brush and started on the bottom on my eye below the lash line. I then I did the top line keeping it as close to the lash line and connected them in the conner.


Next comes the fun glitter part. Kida has this great make up under her eye so I thought I would add this to the look. But this is where the festival part comes in.   203010_1236982021042_full

I am using this face glue and blue glitter to make this happen. I got the face glue and glitter in a pack from Primark which also comes which pink and white glitter too and it only cost £3.

To make the pattens I took the face glue applicator and tried to great the same of her make up. Once I did one shape i added the glitter with my finger added more where I needed it. This is all really good products it all sticks which is what you want when your out partying or at a festival.

so this is my finished look. I know its a very out there look but its not for just going to the shops. I think it makes a really interesting festive look and inspired by a great princess.

I know this is a short one but I wanted to show this quick look off.

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Ariel inspired make up!

Hey guys! So today I decided to do something fun. I have done an make up look inspired my one of my favourite Disney princess’s Ariel.


Before we get started I’m doing this for fun. Im not a professional I didn’t plan this out I just experimenting with it some things may not work but I’m just trying it out for fun.

So to start off I put on my Garnier’s pure active blemishes & shine daily mattifying moisturiser. I use this to help control the amount of spots I get and to help not make my face shinny. I got this for £6.99 at Superdrug.


These next couple of steps is doing the base of the face. I have gone thought this in my other make up post so Im not going in to to much detail but if you want to see in detail what I do check out this post here. Some of the products may be different so I will list what I’m using now.

To start of I will be putting on my primer all over my face. Im using MUA’s pro base moisturising primer. It got this for £4 from Superdrug.


Then I used MUA’s pro base eye primer to cover my eyes. I got this for £2.50 from Superdrug.


Then took my real techniques expect face brush and using’s Rimmel’s lasting finish foundation in 100 ivory to cover my face and neck to give me a full cover look. I got the foundation from superdrug for £7.99 and the brush from amazon for £7.95.


Next comes the fun bit. Im going to be doing my eyes to really reflect the colours Ariel wears. To start of I’m going to use MUA’s silent disco eyeshadow palette ( which i got from Superdrug for £4).There are three green colours in this palette but I decided to use the darker green which is called Wild.


I took my real techniques base shadow brush (which Josh got me as part of Real techniques deluxe set collectors edition from amazon for £18.95) and put the Wild colour all over my eyelid. I wanted to add this green to go with Ariels tail. When I first put the colour on it was a little lighter then I wanted it to be so I just went make and put another coat on and it was the shade that I wanted.

Next I wanted to add some purple in for the colour of Ariel’s clam bra. So I took Revolution’s Salvation palette (which I got from Superdrug for £4) and I took the darker purple colour called Me Three.


I then took Ecotools angled eyeliner brush. ( They don’t sell the set I got but you can get the same brush in a different set for £14.99 from superdrug) Once I got the colour on the brush I did a line of purple under the eye with a little flick at the conner.

I only did a thin purple line but you can do it as thick as you like. Have fun with it!

I wanted to add something to the eyes to try and reflect Ariels scales. So I took Collection’s Glam Caystals in the colour Spandex (which I got from superdrug for £2.99) This is a gel glitter eyeliner which I though this would reflect the scales great. I just added a small line of the glitter to my top lid.

Next Im moving on to my eyebrows. I wanted to do something I had never done before and colour my eyebrow. I decided to colour them red to match Ariel’s hair. So I took the same MUA palette as before and the ecotool brush I used for the purple and I brushed it in the red colour called Freak out. I then started to fill in my eyebrows with this colour. I had to fill them in a couple times as my eyebrows are very dark.

(I don’t know if the colour works as I do have very dark eyebrows so if I was doing this again I would try and lighten them a bit first before adding the colour.)

To finish of the eyes I added Clinique’s high impact mascara ( I got this one free with a magazine but I’m sure you can find it easy online.)


The next thing I did was add some highlight to add to the mermaid feel. I used Revolution ultra chroming due stick (which I got from superdrug for £5) I used the lighter colour to add a bit of shimmer to my cheek bones. Once I added the colour I rubbed it to great a shimmer. 18425606_1541792239177825_97505431_n

The last step is to add some colour to the lips. I wanted to add a bright red for Ariels hair. I used MUA’s luxe in flare (I don’t think they sell this anymore) This added the bright red to the lips. (this comes off very easy so if you want something to last go with something else.)


And there we go a make up look inspired my Ariel.


If you liked this let me know as I would like to do more make ups inspired by characters. You can follow me on my social media (buttons on the side). You can also follow the blog to know when I post next. Hope you guys enjoyed this and I will see you next time.