Friday the 13th game review.

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So its been a while since the Friday the 13th game was released and I thought I would do a review on the game.


First of I’m completely obsessed with this game. I didn’t think I would get this addicted to it but I have been completely sucked in to this game. I love the fact you can play as a counsellor or as Jason. But this dose not mean that I don’t see some problems with the game so lets jump in to it.

Lets start at the beginning. When you start the game you are treated to a very retro intro of the companies that made the game. This really fits in with the time that the first film came out. Then you get to the home stream and are met by Jason. From their are a couple different options you can go with. You have quick match, private match, customise, progress, how to play and settings.



In customise you can put attributes on your counsellor and Jason. You can also choose what murder moves you want Jason to do. Here you can also get special perks for you counsellor to try and help you out when your playing. You can also change you counsellor outfits. A lot of the characters you have to unlock when you have reached different levels.



This is where you will find the badges you have get from playing the game and doing different tasks in the game.


Quick Match

When you start a quick match you have to wait for the system to sort you in to a lobby. The lobby is where other players from around the world will be sorted in to too. 8 players will be sorted in there for a full game. There is a down side with this. You may be waiting a while for a game to start or to be sorted in to a lobby. That is one of the down sides to this game is the time you spend waiting around. When you are in the lobby you can decide which counsellor you want to be and which Jason you want to be. Once the game has begun you can spawn as a counsellor or Jason and you never know which one you will be.

Playing as a counsellor.

When you are a counsellor you can go in to cabins and find weapons, maps, first aid spray, walkie talkies and repair parts. To stay alive there are some ways you can escape. You can fix a car (which you fix by adding the repair parts you find in the cabins, normally its a battery and gas.) Each counsellor have different repair skills. If you have good skills you can fix it faster which is what you want. There is a four seater or two seater car so if you are working in a team the four seater car is the best to work on. You can fix a boat which is the same as the cars but you need a propeller instead of a battery. You can also call the police but to do this you need to find the fuse in one of the cabins and repair the fuse box then phone the police. You then have to wait 5 minutes for the police to come and run to them. Or you can just stay alive for the 20 minute game. However its not that easy because once you start driving the cars or boat Jason will be notified and see which way your going. He will also be able to see where the police turn up.

Playing as Jason

Playing as Jason is so much fun. You get different senses to be able to track down the counsellors. The first one you get is a map. You can choose where to transport to so if the car starts you can see it on your map and travel there to stop them. The next one is sense which will show you close concealers in red if they are making noise. The next is shift Jason disappears from sight and his movement speed increases dramatically for the duration of the ability. It doesn’t last long, but if you’re chasing a counsellor you should be able to catch them. And the last one is stalk this ability means that counselors will not hear the theme music that would normally alert them that Jason is close. This allows Jason to sneak up on unsuspecting counsellors. Once you catch a counsellor you can choose how to kill them.


One of the problems is that there can be a few bugs in this game. Once your dead your body can fly around. I have seen games where counsellors end up on the roof or in the walls of the cabins and cant get out but this also means that Jason can not get them either so this can ruin the game a little bit.

However this is a extremely fun and addicting game that I just cant get enough of. So if you want to check it out you can find it on PS4, Xbox one and on PC.

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